Three Reasons To Consider A Floating Restaurant For Your Wedding Venue

When it comes to choosing a venue for your wedding ceremony and the reception afterward, it's important to find a location that can suit you in a variety of ways. Some venues are better suited for the ceremony, while others will effectively complement your reception plans. If you can find one venue that checks both boxes, you won't have to ask your guests to travel between the ceremony and reception. If you live in a city adjacent to the ocean or even to a large lake, there may be some floating restaurants in the area that could accommodate you on your big day.

3 Reasons A Destination Beach Wedding Is Right For You

If you are on the fence about whether or not a destination beach wedding is the right choice for you, you may wondering whether or not traveling across the country or to another country altogether will truly make your day special and memorable. Thoughts about the venue and whether or not it will be worth the money may be plaguing you. Here are some of the top reasons why a destination beach wedding, like those offered through Yours Truly Weddings, may be right for you.

Have A Barefoot Wedding By Finding A Safe And Fitting Venue

When you get engaged, you may start looking at magazines and blogs for wedding ideas. For the most part, you will come across similar weddings in various areas and with different families. But you may want to add a unique aspect to your wedding such as going barefoot for the event. This can encourage a fun and carefree feeling at your wedding which everyone can enjoy. You will want to make sure to find a wedding venue that works for going barefoot the whole time.

Tips For Booking Your Wedding Venue

One of the most important parts of planning your wedding is finding and booking your wedding venue. The place where your wedding will be held will go a long way in determining whether your wedding is deemed as a success or a "bust." Obviously, you want your big day to fall into the first category and to be a wonderful, fun event that you remember fondly for the rest of your life.

Not Feeling The Traditional? 4 Suggestions For The Perfect Bohemian Wedding

If you're planning your wedding, and you want to stay as far away from the traditional as possible, it's time to head to the bohemian side of life. Bohemian-themed weddings allow you to forgo the strict adherence to structure and get back to nature. If you're ready to take a fresh approach to your wedding planning, here are four suggestions for the perfect bohemian wedding. Go for the Natural Look

3 Questions Couples Should Ask Themselves Before Interviewing A Wedding Planner

Wedding planners can simplify the wedding preparation process and save your sanity during an otherwise hectic time. They can take care a lot of the hassles that you don't want to handle, and these professionals can also provide insights to help you make smarter choices on a variety of aspects of your wedding. Nearly 20 percent of couples use a wedding planner these days. It may be the right choice for you.

4 Things To Take Into Consideration Before Shopping For A Wedding Dress

Buying a wedding dress can be exciting and nerve-wracking for a bride. It is important to go into the shop with a game plan to ensure that you can make the most of the limited time you have available to you in the appointment. The following guide walks you through a few things to consider before you ever even step foot in the bridal shop. Consider Your Budget Before you go shopping for your dress, you need to determine exactly how much money you want to spend on it.

Planning A Vegas Wedding? 3 Things You Should Know About Getting A Marriage License

Las Vegas is an extremely popular place to get married. On the average day, around 300 weddings take place, and that equals out to around 120,000 weddings every year. If you are planning on getting married in this big city, you may want to consider scheduling your service ahead of time. This will ensure that you can get married on the day you choose in the chapel of your choice. In order to get married in Vegas, you must first get a marriage license.

Wedding Chapel Rental: What To Consider & How Much You Will Pay

Did you and the one you love decide to take the relationship to another level and get married? The main thing you will need to plan is where you will have the wedding ceremony, and a chapel may be the perfect venue. In this article, learn what you need to know about choosing a wedding chapel that will make your special day an event that will be memorable. What Should Be Considered When Choosing a Wedding Chapel?

Don't Diss the Wedding DJ – Why You Shouldn't Man Your Own Wedding Music

These days in the era of DIY and playlists at one's fingertips, it can be easy to think that forgoing a wedding DJ is a great way to save cash for a service that isn't really needed anymore. This theory should be mulled over carefully. There are a host of things that a wedding DJ can offer that a unmanned wedding playlist never could. Here are four reasons you should hire a DJ for your upcoming wedding.