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Sharing A Venue With Other Weddings? 5 Tips For A Perfect Day

Your wedding day is a special day just for you and your fiancé. But some wedding venues accommodate more than one wedding on the same day. The good news is that you can share your wedding venue with another couple or two and still have a perfect day. Here are five tips to consider. 

1. Consider an Alternate Time. One of the easiest ways to avoid having too many weddings going on at once is to stagger the times. Why not move yours up to enjoy a peaceful earlier hour? Brunch weddings and early afternoon affairs take advantage of less popular wedding timetables when the place is nearly yours alone. 

2. Move Inside or Outside. Does your venue offer both indoor and outside wedding locations? If so, look for the option that provides the most privacy from others. This often means a move outdoors if most of the available venues are inside. Whatever the most private option, flexibility gives you room to craft a perfect event. 

3. Use a Good Sound System. If there may be noise overflow from another wedding, make sure you have a working microphone for the ceremony and reception. Even a small wedding benefits from a sound system so that everyone can hear your exchange of vows, toasts, and announcements. And you can scale the mic up or down based on ambient noise. 

4. Know Where to Go. Wedding venues that cater to more than one party at a time understand and support the desire to feel like you're the only bride or groom there. So they generally have systems to help prevent people from running into one another. Ask the venue about their plan. Make sure you know where to go, how to get from public areas to your private venue, and what directional assistance is provided. You might even be able to work with a dedicated manager for your event. 

5. Coordinate With Others. If you will share the venue with others, make it a pleasure for everyone. Try to meet the other couple(s) or their representatives so you can compare timelines, activities, vendors, and movement. This helps avoid any conflicts and interference. And by meeting the couples, you can all agree to help out each other with the goal of having your best days ever. 

Where to Start

The right planning, a little foresight, and helpful staff will make your wedding its best no matter who you share your big day with. Start by meeting with venue personnel and touring available sites in your area today.