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Who Walks Down The Aisle, When?

If you will be hosting a wedding in the near future, it is possible that you have questions about what kind of procession your wedding should have. Who is meant to walk down the aisle in a traditional ceremony?

If you are planning your wedding, you may want to stick with a traditional procession. Even if you don't, you may want some ideas. Here's what you need to know as you are planning your wedding ceremony and reception.

How Do Traditional Christian Ceremonies Work?

These weddings often begin with the officiant already standing at the altar. You may then choose to have the mother of the bride, the mother of the groom, and the grandparents of the bride and groom brought down the aisle at this time.

The groom often comes next, followed by the best man. The groomsmen may walk alone, or they may accompany the bridesmaids next. The ring bearer and flower girl come next, followed by the bride and her father.

How Do Traditional Jewish Wedding Ceremonies Work?

If you are having a wedding that follows Jewish traditions, you will begin with the rabbi or cantor in front of the room. Grandparents will walk down the aisle next, followed by the ushers and groomsmen.

The best man and maid of honor may come next, followed by the groom and his parents. Bridesmaids come next, which may be followed by a flower girl and ring bearer. The bride and her parents are last.

What About a Non-Traditional or Non-Religious Wedding?

Of course, you are always free to choose the processional order that you'd like. Often, non-traditional weddings begin with the officiant walking down the aisle.

The couple's special guests (bridesmaids, maid of honor, groomsmen, and others) come next. Children distributing flowers, or the couple's children, may follow. Each partner may enter separately with their parents.

Plan Your Wedding Today

Regardless of what kind of ceremony you have, there is no need to follow the rules exactly. Every wedding is different, and many couples have specific ways they would like their ceremonies to work. Do not be put off if these general rules do not match your desires. This is your day.

Are you still unsure what kind of ceremony or procession you would like to include in your wedding? Get started by booking a wedding package today. Your wedding package can help you determine what kind of procession will work best for your event.