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5 Reasons To Choose Elopement Over Other Small Wedding Ideas

More and more couples are choosing the convenience, cost savings, and relaxed atmosphere of a nontraditional small wedding. But with the advent of popular choices like a mini-mony or a micro-wedding, should you still choose an old-fashioned elopement? The answer may be yes, and here are five reasons why.

1. You Skip the Reception

Planning your wedding actually usually involves two different facets: planning the ceremony and planning the reception. The reception is one place where a lot of stress can occur due to its large size and many pieces. A big party can also be a budget-buster compared to the ceremony. While most micro-weddings still have a small reception, eloping removes the reception component entirely. 

2. Your Choices are Unlimited

Because eloping is the most intimate type of ceremony with the smallest guest list, you can have yours pretty much anywhere you please. Elopements can be held in nontraditional venues, small locations, outdoors or indoors, or even in a private space. There is generally no need to worry about things like parking availability, kitchen facilities, rental equipment, or even utility hookup. 

3. You Don't Have to Invite Anyone

The wedding guest list is a source of contention for many. Whether it's family drama, relatives you don't want, or wedding crashers, anyone who plans a party runs the risk of unintended guest problems. And even a mini-mony or micro-wedding involve a scaled-down guest list of up to 50. Eloping allows you to reduce your attendees to the minimum witnesses required by state law if you wish. 

4. Your Wedding Is Private

Couples used to run away to elope under the cover of darkness. While you generally don't need to do so today, the secrecy and privacy of an elopement remain. Many couples tell few or no other people about their plans. This prevents anyone from meddling in your wedding planning or creating conflict over it. It's also perfect for couples whose beliefs may be different from their family's.

5. It's Done Quickly

Because of their history involving the idea of running off to get married, elopements are still one of the fastest ways to get married. With little else to plan or stress about, you can marry as soon as you find a ceremony location. And unlike mini-monies, which serve as a placeholder for larger festivities later, the elopement is one-and-done. There's no stress and no more expense involved. 

Where to Start

Want to know more about planning a modern elopement? Begin by touring elopement packages in your area today. With the guidance of an experienced wedding service, your elopement is sure to be the tiny, intimate, and relaxed wedding of your dreams. 

For more information on an elopement wedding, contact a professional near you.