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Why A Tea-Length Wedding Dress Can Be A Good Choice

With so many wedding dress styles available at your local boutique, one way to approach shopping for a dress is to have a consultant recommend a specific style that you can then explore. Your consultant will likely start by asking you some general questions about how you want to look on your big day, and then give you a few ideas to pursue. If you're looking for a modern style, the consultant may recommend a tea-length wedding dress. This is a gown with a hem that falls between your ankle and knee. Here are some reasons that you may like this style.

It's Cooler On Hot Days

If you're planning an outdoor wedding in the middle of the summer, you need to prepare for the weather to be hot. One way that you can stay comfortable on a hot day is with the right style of wedding dress. A tea-length dress can be a good choice because it leaves a significant percentage of your legs exposed. Whereas a long gown that covers your entire legs can trap the heat and make you feel hot, you'll feel cooler in a shorter dress. This can especially be a good choice if you're the type of bride who tends to get hot easily.

It Allows You To Show Off Your Shoes

While there are lots of advantages to wedding dresses that go right to the ground, one drawback is that you won't get to show off your shoes. If you're the type of bride who loves getting dressed up in stylish footwear, you'll likely put considerable effort into finding the right shoes for your wedding. A tea-length dress can be ideal because it will allow your shoes to be visible during the ceremony and reception. If you've already bought your shoes, you'll want to take them with you when you try on different wedding dresses to see how they match.

It Won't Drag On The Ground

Some brides don't like the idea of their dress dragging on the ground. There are several reasons that this can be undesirable. At an outdoor wedding, the bottom edge of the dress can often get discolored from contact with the grass. If it's wet on your big day, the garment may even absorb some water off the ground unless you're careful about lifting it. Indoors, you might worry about people around you stepping on the dress. You can avoid all of these issues by choosing a tea-length dress, which will remain well above the ground.

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