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Helpful Tips To Make Your Rooftop Wedding Go Smoothly

Hosting a rooftop wedding provides a unique alternative to traditional wedding celebrations. Your rooftop wedding venue combines the beauty of an outdoor event with a touch of urban flair. When planning your wedding, here are a few things to keep in mind to make your rooftop service and reception go smoothly.

Establish An All-Weather Plan

Just as with any outdoor wedding, you'll want to plan for rainy or sunny weather. Placing a tent over the ceremony altar and seating protects your guests from both harsh sunlight or a sprinkle of rain. Ask your rooftop wedding venue about heat lamps to offset chilly weather in the evening, to keep your guests comfortable. Tall rooftops also tend to experience windier weather, so be sure that there are no paper goods or other light items on the tables that might fly away. For example, consider linen napkins instead of paper and metal or wood place cards at tables instead of cardboard.

Ensure Easy Access To Restrooms

When looking for a rooftop wedding venue, take into account where the restrooms are located in the building. Restrooms on the floor below the roof can make it easier for guests to freshen up throughout the event. It's unlikely that you'll want to add portable toilets to the roof, and you won't want to walk down multiple flights of stairs just to get to a restroom on your special day. You may also want to take this time to inspect any rooms that the wedding party might use to prepare for the event. Space for the bride and groom to get dressed and ready are essential, so make sure these spaces are also located close to the rooftop area.

Choose Unique Wedding Favors

For a rooftop wedding, you want to make sure your favors fit the setting. Consider convenience gifts, such as mini tubes of sunscreen or paper fans as favors. You can also get creative with custom-printed sunglasses featuring the name of the bride and groom. Avoid chocolates or other sweets that might melt in higher temperatures or under direct sunlight. Bottles of water with custom-printed labels are also perfect for summertime rooftop weddings.

Consider Pests And Wildlife

Depending on how high the rooftop is, you may have to worry about pests, such as pigeons, at your special event. Work with the staff at the venue to determine how often birds are a problem at special events. You can brainstorm ideas to help minimize the risk of flying invaders at your wedding. It's also a good idea to ask the venue to spray for insects ahead of your special day. Citronella candles or plants can be a great option for decorating your wedding space and keeping mosquitoes at bay.