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Why You Should Have Your Wedding Or Reception On A Farm

Perhaps you are finally getting married and you, of course, want your special day to be perfect. If you are thinking of taking either the wedding or the reception outdoors, one thing you might want to consider would be to book a farm wedding reception venue. Here's how heading out to a local farm could make your wedding day one to remember for all involved.

Farms Have Lots and Lots of Room

Are you inviting a ton of people to your wedding? Do you really want to go big for the reception as far as putting up all kind of decorations and decor goes? Finding an indoor venue large enough to comfortably fit all of your guests might be difficult. But find a nearby farm, and you'll likely find a wide-open space that can accommodate as many tables and chairs as you need to set up. Everyone can relax out in the open instead of being crammed in on top of each other inside a small dance hall.

Farms Are Usually Picture-Perfect

Do you want to make sure your wedding album is filled with tons of amazing photos? Take your wedding and reception to a farm, and you'll have a built-in natural backdrop that will make every photo look gorgeous. It's not uncommon for people who have a wedding reception indoors somewhere to first drive the entire wedding party to some outdoor space for a photoshoot before they turn around and actually go to the reception. When you have everything being held outdoors on a farm, no one will have to drive anywhere because you'll be able to take amazing photos all around you.

Create a Theme or Go Back to Your Roots

You might also want to consider a farm wedding or reception for nostalgia's sake. Did you and your spouse both grow up on farms? Did you maybe have a first date in the great outdoors somewhere? Have you always been "country" at heart? These are all valid reasons to embrace your inner farmhand and make use of a local farm for your wedding day. You can even lean into the theme and have guests sit on haystacks instead of chairs or take the wedding party or the children out for a ride on a tractor-trailer.

If you want an outdoor wedding, take a hard look at the benefits of booking a local farm venue. Contact a local farm wedding venue for more information.