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Three Reasons To Consider A Floating Restaurant For Your Wedding Venue

When it comes to choosing a venue for your wedding ceremony and the reception afterward, it's important to find a location that can suit you in a variety of ways. Some venues are better suited for the ceremony, while others will effectively complement your reception plans. If you can find one venue that checks both boxes, you won't have to ask your guests to travel between the ceremony and reception. If you live in a city adjacent to the ocean or even to a large lake, there may be some floating restaurants in the area that could accommodate you on your big day. Here are three reasons to consider a floating restaurant as a wedding venue.

It Suits Both The Ceremony and The Reception

Although different floating restaurants have different designs, a common trait at these establishments is to have a large deck that extends out over the water. Depending on the size of the wedding that you're planning, this deck may be the perfect place for the ceremony. With the tables cleared away and rows of chairs set up in their place, the deck may be able to easily accommodate your entire wedding ceremony. Afterward, you can either have the reception on the deck or, depending on the weather, indoors in the main dining room of the restaurant.

It's Perfect For Photos

While some newly married couples travel to a new location for their wedding photos, it's always convenient if you can get your photos taken at your wedding reception venue. This saves travel time and allows your guests to enjoy watching the photo shoot. A floating restaurant can be a perfect venue for photos, given its location on the water. The water provides a visually appealing natural backdrop, especially if you're having the ceremony late in the afternoon when the sun is starting to set.

It Offers A Creative Arrival Method

The manner in which the bride arrives at the wedding venue is always important to couples and their guests, and choosing a floating restaurant to host your wedding can offer a creative arrival method. The bride can arrive to the wedding on a boat. She can board the vessel just a short distance away with her father and any other desired members of the wedding party, and then pull up to the pier next to the floating restaurant. Your guests will enjoy watching her approach, and this can be an arrival that people remember for a long time.