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Not Feeling The Traditional? 4 Suggestions For The Perfect Bohemian Wedding

If you're planning your wedding, and you want to stay as far away from the traditional as possible, it's time to head to the bohemian side of life. Bohemian-themed weddings allow you to forgo the strict adherence to structure and get back to nature. If you're ready to take a fresh approach to your wedding planning, here are four suggestions for the perfect bohemian wedding.

Go for the Natural Look

When it comes to planning your wedding day apparel, a bohemian wedding gives you the perfect opportunity to go natural. Choose a wedding dress that's light and flowing. Don't want to stick with the traditional white? Choose a floral gown made from silk organza and handmade lace. To finish off the look, allow your hair to fall naturally around your face. Have short hair, leave it natural and add a few flowers. Don't want to wear shoes down the aisle? Leave them off and go barefooted instead. When it comes to your wedding bouquet, choose wild flowers instead of a floral shop bouquet. Check out shops like Lovely Bride to get started.

Think Rustic

When you're planning a bohemian wedding, it's important that you choose the right venue. Don't settle for the tradition. Think outside the box. This is the time to get rustic – the more rustic the better. Scout out old barns, farmhouses, or natural wooded locations near you. Artist's lofts are also excellent locations for bohemian weddings.

Plan a Buffet

When it's time to plan the reception, don't forget about the food. Step away from the traditional catered events that include portion-controlled offerings, with little choices. Instead, think buffet-style serving. If you have a favorite restaurant or corner diner in your area, consider having them provide the catering. Your guests will enjoy the relaxed dining atmosphere, and you'll be able to dine on your favorite food.

Stray from Perfection

When you're choosing the décor and table settings for your bohemian wedding, remember that it's okay to stray from perfection. Instead of choosing table cloths, chairs and settings that match, choose different styles. Mix and match your table settings, including the linens. The assortment of colors and designs will give your wedding the feel of a beautiful tapestry. To pull the look together, drape your reception area with fabric that coordinates with the colors you've chosen for your wedding.

If you don't want to be a traditional bride, don't be. Go bohemian. Let your free-spirit take flight with the suggestions provided here.