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Planning A Vegas Wedding? 3 Things You Should Know About Getting A Marriage License

Las Vegas is an extremely popular place to get married. On the average day, around 300 weddings take place, and that equals out to around 120,000 weddings every year. If you are planning on getting married in this big city, you may want to consider scheduling your service ahead of time. This will ensure that you can get married on the day you choose in the chapel of your choice. In order to get married in Vegas, you must first get a marriage license. Here are three things to know: 

You must get it from the Clark County Marriage Bureau

The Clark County Marriage Bureau is the office that issues marriage licenses, and this is where you must go to get one prior to your wedding ceremony. You will have to pay a fee of $77 to get the license, and you will need to answer questions, prove your identity, and complete all necessary forms.

There are several locations you can visit to get your marriage license, and some of the locations are open every day of the year, while others have limited hours.

A marriage license does not mean you are married, but it gives you the legal right to get married in a particular state. You will not be able to get married at a chapel in Las Vegas if you do not have a valid marriage license.

You can get started before you arrive

While you will have to visit one of the Clark County Marriage Bureaus before you get married, you can actually get started on the process before you leave home. If you visit the bureau's website, you can complete a marriage license pre-application. This is a basic application that asks information about you and the person you are planning on marrying.

You do not have to complete this before you go, but it will save you time if you do. When you arrive at the bureau to get your license, they will look up your names in the computer system, and this will allow you to proceed straight to the next step.

You will have to wait for your marriage certificate

Once you get to Vegas and get your marriage license, you will be all ready to get married. After the ceremony is complete, you should know that you will not immediately have access to your marriage certificate. You will be legally married, but it may take a few weeks to get a copy of this certificate.

You will need to get a copy of this certificate at some point, because it will be the document needed to prove you are married. For example, if you plan on changing your name after the wedding, you will need this document in order to request a name change with the Social Security Administration. You will also need it to get a new driver's license, and you may need it for a variety of other reasons.

Getting married in Vegas can be fun and exciting, but it does require getting a marriage license. If you would like to learn more about Las Vegas weddings, contact a chapel in the area like A Little White Wedding Chapel. They will help you learn more about wedding options, the requirements for getting married, and the costs involved.