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Wedding Chapel Rental: What To Consider & How Much You Will Pay

Did you and the one you love decide to take the relationship to another level and get married? The main thing you will need to plan is where you will have the wedding ceremony, and a chapel may be the perfect venue. In this article, learn what you need to know about choosing a wedding chapel that will make your special day an event that will be memorable.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing a Wedding Chapel?

Before deciding on which wedding chapel the ceremony will be in, make sure you have a guest list planned out. If you intend on inviting a lot of people to the event, you must make sure the chapel will be able to accommodate everyone. Some chapels are designed strictly for smaller weddings or the ones that were planned at the spare of a moment just to make a marriage official.

You should also consider how many services will be offered by the company you are renting the chapel from. For instance, some of the services offered might include:

  • Help decorating
  • The use of a wedding officiate
  • A limousine for you & your spouse
  • Setting up tables for the reception

After deciding which chapel you want to use, make sure you sign a contract for the rental in advance. Renting a chapel too close to your wedding date can end up with it already being booked when you need it. Most chapel owners will ask you to pay a deposit when renting a chapel in advance. You will likely be able to get the deposit back if you change your mind, depending on what is written in the rental agreement.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Wedding Chapel?

The chapel rental will depend on how big it is, how many guests are attending and the company you are renting it from. However, you can expect to pay an average in the range of $100 to $3,000 plus depending on your needs. The number of hours the venue is needed will also play a role in how much the wedding venue will cost.

Renting a wedding chapel is the perfect way to become one with your spouse in a traditional way with enough space for your family and friend to witness it. If you have a date set for the ceremony, start visiting chapels to find one that accommodates your needs so you can book it!

For more information, check out companies such as Chapel of the Bells.