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Don't Diss the Wedding DJ – Why You Shouldn't Man Your Own Wedding Music

These days in the era of DIY and playlists at one's fingertips, it can be easy to think that forgoing a wedding DJ is a great way to save cash for a service that isn't really needed anymore. This theory should be mulled over carefully. There are a host of things that a wedding DJ can offer that a unmanned wedding playlist never could. Here are four reasons you should hire a DJ for your upcoming wedding.

1. DJs Can Handle Equipment Set Up and Break Down

Even if you know you have all of the songs you would want played at your wedding, setting this up at your reception might be harder than you think. Setting up a sound system and hauling equipment is the last thing that you should have to think about on the day of your wedding. A Wedding DJ can handle set up and break down, and bring in equipment that will be needed for the event.

2. Wedding DJs Know Your Event Space

If your wedding location is at a popular spot for events, the location can recommend DJs that they have had success working with. This is a good idea because your DJ will know the lay of the land and will have already troubleshooted anything that might come up. Nuances such such as acoustics, electrical outlets, and the best DJ location will already be sorted out.

3. Your Wedding DJ Can be Your MC

Wedding DJs are there to move along your wedding and can make announcements, motivate crowds, and make sure wedding activities are flowing. Don't try to man your own wedding or appoint a bridesmaid or groomsman to this task. Give your DJ a timed schedule of events and they can make sure that bouquets are tossed and wedding cake is cut and eaten.

4. Wedding DJs will have More Variety

Even if you have an exhaustive library of music, wedding DJs will have more variety, and popular wedding music. You shouldn't have to source music yourself when you are planning your wedding. Simply giving a list of favorite songs or genres to your DJ will ensure that you have the right music style at your wedding.

Wedding DJs are professionals and will keep the party going at your wedding. They can handle sound issues and can help liven up the party if needed. Don't waste your time planning your own music for a wedding and hope that nothing goes wrong. Having a wedding DJ to take care of this will give you the chance to let loose and enjoy your day.